Leading for effective teaching and learning | 21-23 Jun 2018

PD Topic area:  Lead
Language:  English
Level:  Cat 3

Fees for the following workshops:

One single workshop @ SGD$1,250
Two consecutive workshops @ SGD$2,000

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Leading for effective teaching and learning

This workshop will provide opportunities for you to explore theories of learning and instructional design principles underpinning the IB programmes. You will consider the impact these have on student learning and how the school can support this learning. You will look at the implications of adopting these ideas and principles when developing and implementing school strategy and policy. You will explore the instrumental role that authentic assessment plays in guiding learning activities and enabling student learning and discuss how assessment of and for learning, can be incorporated into a whole school assessment policy. You will identify strategies for successful policy implementation and the role of teachers and teaching in the learning process.

Leading through an understanding of culture and context

This workshop explores the concept that leadership is context driven. You will deepen your understanding of how national and organizational cultures interact and impact on beliefs, values and behaviours in schools. In addition, you will discuss how to develop a positive organisational culture, which is proven to be closely aligned with high student achievement. The workshop will enable you to investigate leadership issues in different IB contexts. Through illustrative case studies, critical reading, collaborative problem solving, reflection journals, diagnostic testing, and research projects, you will be expected to reflect upon how these relate to your own experiences and develop responses and solutions that align with IB philosophy.

Leading with a clear vision and strategy

Research shows that a school with has a strong vision and mission has a very much higher chance of having high student achievement as well. The objectives of this workshop are to introduce and clarify the value and strength of a good vision and mission, and to enable you to develop a strategic plan to create, implement, review and make sustainable, an excellent vision and mission for your school context. It is important that your vision and mission imbue the philosophy and valuesof the IB and provide the best structure for the full implementation of the IB programmes.

Understanding leadership

Leadership is a social construct, positioned in time and place and influenced by personality. This workshop aims to expose, test, and critique the assumptions upon which each participant’s own style, definition and understanding of leadership are based. Leadership theory and current research will form the basis for discussion with case studies and the participants’ own experiences being used to explore leadership, cross-cultural investigations and the impact of culture on leadership styles and practices. There will be an emphasis on the complex, contextual and holistic nature of leadership, and participants will build deeper understandings of how to adapt their leadership style in different contexts.

The workshop will include an introduction to the capabilities and intelligences, core themes and leadership processes that are considered to be most supportive of effective leadership in a range of IB contexts. In line with IB philosophy, participants will be encouraged to develop an investigative mindset, become more inquiry- based and reflective practitioners while modeling life-long learning. Action research will be introduced, helping candidates identify major issues that leaders may face, while planning possible responses that reflect an awareness of local context. Participants will develop and articulate a deeper understanding of their own philosophy, and draft a personal philosophy statement that can then be evaluated as to relevance and effectiveness with reference to daily practice in IB World Schools, through using a reflective journal or blog.

NOTE: This workshop is only available as a face to face event.


Workshop name PD Topic area Language Level
Leading for effective teaching and learning | 21-23 Jun 2018 Lead English Cat 3
Leading with a clear vision and strategy | 21-23 Jun 2018 Lead English Cat 3
Understanding leadership | 18-20 Jun 2018 Lead English Cat 3
Leading through an understanding of culture and context | 18-20 Jun 2018 Lead English Cat 3