Through the International Baccalaureate® educator network (IBEN), educators can support our work in a number of roles.

IBEN ensures that the IB provides a high-quality experience in classrooms and schools.

Educators in the network can become workshop leaders, examiners, curriculum developers, authorization visitors and consultant visitors, and more.

IBEN opportunities in the Americas

The regional office for the Americas manages the training activities of a number of roles across the region. These roles are managed within global guidelines.

Apply for IBEN training through apteknet, or update your personal details on the IBEN database. 

If no IBEN training is currently available in the Americas, apteknet will not display any events. When events are open, you must select a specific event and register for it, in order for you application to be reviewed. 

School Services roles: IBEN

There are a number of School Services roles in the Americas. For each role, educators can work with schools implementing each of the four IB programmes.

The IB has roles for:

  • Consultants
  • Readers
  • School visits team members
  • School visits team leaders.

Read explanations of the roles listed above, including experience requirements.

Professional development roles: IBEN

The IB also has professional development roles in the Americas:

  • Workshop leaders
  • Programme field representatives

IBEN has positions for workshop leaders in all four IB programmes. Programme field representatives are currently required for the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP).

These roles are outlined more detail.

Contact IBEN in the Americas

If you would like further information on the roles above, or on how IBEN works, please email us.

Educators who are already part of IBEN can apply for IBEN training online, and use the IBEN database to update their personal details.