Professional development

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) provides leading professional development for educators working in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

We offer face-to-face and online workshops, webinars, blended learning, cluster events and e-learning resources. Our training aims to:

  • support the professional growth of teachers and administrators
  • improve classroom practice and student learning
  • develop communities of lifelong learners.

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For additional information on the schedule of events in Africa, Europe, Middle East, please refer to the following documents. Each document covers the first two quarters of 2016. 

For an overview of the fees for all the different Professional Development events, please download the following document: AEM Professional Development Fees 2016 [265 KB] PDF

Workshops in Africa, Europe, Middle East

The IB in Africa, Europe, Middle East collaborates with workshop partners in order to offer a wide range of training opportunities, for educators with varying levels of expertise and experience.  

The IB provides two professional development delivery opportunities: scheduled workshops and workshops on request. Regional and blended workshops are scheduled a year ahead to support schools in their planning. In-school workshops and cluster events are organized upon request, to accommodate gaps within the region.

All workshops provide 15 hours of quality assured, certified professional development, with an IB Educator Network (IBEN) approved workshop leader.

Workshops on request

In-school workshops

In-school workshops are designed around the specific professional development  needs of educator within a school. Please refer to the guidelines [254 KB]  for more detailed information. When making a request, please refer to our in-school workshop topics document [152 KB] .

You can submit a workshop request at any time, provided that we receive your request at least 5 months before the preferred workshop date.

You can make a request using the IB information system (IBIS). 

Cluster events 

Cluster events are designed to train educators, on a specific IB programme, at a host school’s premises. They are designed to accommodate gaps within the AEM region, where our current PD offerings do not fully meet schools needs.

For more on how your network can benefit from a cluster workshop, please download and print our flyer [455 KB] 

It is important that all cluster requests consider a minimum of two participating schools involved in the event. More details are available in our updated guidelines [ 258 KB] . The guidelines include terms and conditions.

Schools interested in organizing a cluster event request can submit a request online

Scheduled workshops

Regional workshops

Regional workshops are held in major cities throughout the region, offering educators international networking opportunities within a face-to-face learning environment. The majority of the academic workshop titles are offered and new subjects are added each year.

We also run subject-specific seminars, designed to help educators understand and implement the changes made to IB subjects. 

You can register for regional workshops using IBIS. Please refer to the online events calendar

For further information on subject-specific seminars, please download our flyer [5.1 MB] .

Blended workshops 

The blended model is the newest in a range of high-quality training methods, combining face-to-face and online learning experiences.  

All participants are required to complete both the online sessions and the face-to-face sessions of this workshop in order to be eligible for the certificate of attendance.

You can search for blended workshops on our website. 

Workshop delivery in different languages

The IB has three official languages: English, French and Spanish. If a workshop is given in a language other than these, the following commitments apply: 

  • A portion of the guidance provided by the WSL will be in the advertised language
  • Informal dialogue during the workshop will be offered in the advertised language
  • All IB documents, including guides, other IB publications and QA surveys will be available in English, French or Spanish only
  • Student samples to be provided, if available, in the advertised language.

Contact the professional development team

If you have questions about professional development in the region, please email the team