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IB complaints procedure

The IB is committed to providing an excellent quality of service to its schools, examiners and other stakeholders. We value your views and aim to make continuous improvements to our services based on the information and feedback we receive. We welcome both positive and negative feedback and recognize that justified complaints give us the opportunity to learn and improve our services to you. To enable the IB to handle your complaints in the most effective way possible by involving the most relevant persons, we would ask you to please follow the three stages of the escalation procedure defined below.

Principles of the procedure

To ensure the complaints process is effective, the following principles are applied throughout the complaints process and provide a framework for communication between stakeholders and IB staff.

  • Fairness a fair complaints procedure that ensures everyone is treated equally.
  • Courtesy communication that is based on mutual respect, trust and courtesy.
  • Accessibility a complaints procedure that is easy to understand, easy to access and well publicized.
  • Timeliness complaints are dealt with within clear time limits.
  • Effectiveness the complaints procedure is monitored and reviewed to ensure it continues to be effective.
  • Attentiveness you will be given every opportunity to put forward your complaint and you can be assured that we are listening.

What this procedure does not cover

Separate procedures are in place to deal with matters associated with the assessment processes of our programmes, for example, issues concerning results. All complaints relating to assessment should follow the procedures outlined in the programme handbooks for coordinators.

How to complain

For information on how to complain please download The IB complaints procedure [140 kb, PowerPoint Presentation]

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