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A guide to the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme for universities and colleges


The aim of this section of the IB website is to increase knowledge and understanding of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme for universities and colleges.

This online guide is an introduction to the Diploma Programme for lead administrators, deans and faculty members. It will assist them in developing and/or revising Diploma Programme recognition policies. The guide contains information about course content, student assessment, requirements for the IB diploma, and interpreting the IB transcript. In addition, there is information on how to become an IB World School and on curriculum review.

The IB has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The Diploma Programme is currently offered by 2,470 IB World Schools worldwide. Increasing numbers of Diploma Programme students are continuing their studies at colleges and universities that recognize their achievements in the Diploma Programme. This guide will help universities and colleges respond to the needs of these students.

The IB encourages colleges and universities to develop their own recognition policies that are specific to their individual institutions. The IB regional offices will provide additional information to help determine the best approach for each college or university when considering a recognition policy.

Thank you for your interest in the Diploma Programme.

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