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Diploma Programme developments

The Diploma Programme core as courses

The IB is pleased to announce that the core elements of the Diploma Programme - theory of knowledge (TOK), extended essay (EE), and creativity, action, service (CAS) - will be available as individually recognized stand-alone offerings for first

teaching in 2012 (applied to first examination session 2014).

Presently, students are able to take individual courses from the six groups of the Diploma Programme hexagon. Therefore, currently, it is only those students who take the entire diploma who benefit from and experience the unique elements at the core of the programme.

The decision to allow Diploma Programme (DP) course students to experience these core elements of the diploma supports the IB’s continued dedication to its access agenda and is fully supported by the

academic committees of the IB.

If you teach or are a coordinator at an IB World School, please talk to future students about their study options as of 2012. Schools who are presently limited to certain options due to national curricula will be able to tailor a wider group of Diploma Programme courses that fit their needs. For the ‘Diploma of the International Baccalaureate’ award, however, the same broad and balanced combination of courses will still apply.

The extended essay

The extended essay is an opportunity for DP course students to engage in independent research through an in-depth study of a question relating to one of the

subjects they’re studying. The new world studies extended essay option is also available.

Theory of knowledge

The theory of knowledge course is designed to encourage each student to reflect on the nature of knowledge by critically examining different ways of knowing (perception, emotion, language and reason) and different kinds of knowledge (scientific, artistic, mathematical and historical).

Creativity, action, service

Creativity, action, service requires that students actively learn from the experience of doing real tasks beyond the classroom. Students can combine all three components or do activities related to each one separately.

Diploma Programme terminology changes

As of September 2011 (and applied to first examinations in 2013), a number of important changes to terminology associated with the IB Diploma Programme were made. The changes are explained in the leaflet 'The Diploma Programme core as courses' and 'Diploma Programme terminology changes' Download