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Recognition of IB diploma for admission to universities and colleges


The IB Diploma is recognized by all major tertiary institutions in Australia. Some universities offer advanced placement, credit and bonus schemes for DP students. While information for individual universities can be found on the IBO website, students should research universities they are interested in, seek counsel from their school’s career advisor and contact the universities directly for specific course and entry requirements.

There is no national centralized administration that controls university admission or placement across Australia, but each State or Territory has a Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) that receives and processes domestic applications to most institutions in that State or Territory (please note that in Tasmania this is the University of Tasmania). These TACs oversee the admissions process and notify applicants of university placement offers. The academic year in Australia commences in February/March, although there are some opportunities for mid-year entry in July. Key dates should be checked with each TAC. The university admissions centers update their key dates and information on an annual basis. Please ensure you check their websites for the latest information.

To apply to university in Australia, domestic students should contact the TAC in the state/territory where their university of choice is located. International students should check the website of the TAC in the state/territory where their university of choice is located to see if they should apply through the TAC or directly to the university. If advised to apply directly to the university, check the university’s website for contact details, application process and recognition policies.

In general Diploma Programme candidates will need to have been awarded the diploma as a minimum entry requirement, although those who have not may apply for discretionary entry or special consideration. Australian citizens who have graduated with the IB diploma have their score converted to an index (ATAR equivalent) which enables them to be compared to students who complete the state curricula in Australia. Please note that the ATAR conversion is higher in South Australia, Northern Territories and with the University of Tasmania.

To enable the TAC to receive your transcript of results, Australian citizens should inform their Diploma Coordinator which TAC(s) they would like their results released to. The Diploma Coordinator will then complete the request for results form on IBIS, and request results sent to the appropriate TAC(s). The TAC will require the official results, so please ensure that the coordinator has the results sent there. It is recommended that students have their results sent to all six TACs even if at the time they are not sure where they would like to study. Both the universities and the TACs accept the 6 digit alphanumeric code (personal code) supplied by the IB.

Web sites:
Official ATAR conversion table
QTAC website (Queensland)
SATAC website (South Australia/Northern Territory)
TISC website (Western Australia)
UAC website (New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory)
UTAS website (Tasmania)
VTAC website (Victoria)
Association of Australasian IB Schools (AAIBS)

Go8 universities recognise that the International Baccalaureate Diploma is a comprehensive and challenging program. The program's international flavour, academic rigour and emphasis on inquiry based learning means that IB Diploma students enter university with a global outlook, an excellent work ethic and the critical thinking skills to ensure they achieve great results. Links for IB Students:
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