First teaching of the IB

There has been an IB World School in this country since:


IB World schools

currently offer one or more of four IB programmes.

  • PYP
    offered by 521 schools
  • MYP
    offered by 631 schools
  • DP
    offered by 894 schools
  • IBCC
    offered by 84 schools

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Universities recognise the IB

with official policies for admitting IB students to their courses.

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Upcoming professional development

Educators can attend IB events and workshops. In the next two months, the number of events is:

Upcoming events in UNITED STATES
PYP Workshop in New York - AMNH 06 April - 08 April New York, NY
PYP Workshops in Atlanta - CASIE 21 June - 23 June Atlanta, GA
PYP Workshops in Chapel Hill - VIF 15 September - 17 September Chapel Hill, NC
PYP workshops in New York – AMNH 06 October - 08 October New York
Diploma Workshop in Albuquerque - ISTA 29 June - 02 July Albuquerque, NM

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