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The IB authorization process

Schools interested in becoming IB World Schools must successfully complete an authorization process. During this process, the IB supports the candidate school in building the programmatic understanding and organizational structures it will need to implement IB’s internationally minded programmes.

IB authorization process

The authorization process varies by school and IB programme, but typically takes between two and three years. It is comprised of the following phases:
consideration phase
request for candidacy/decision on candidacy
candidate phase
request for authorization/decision on authorization
Note: Only IB World Schools offering the Diploma Programme are eligible to apply to become authorized to offer the IBCC

View global authorization timeline for each programme specifically.

As a first step, please click on the links below to access the Guide to authorization for each programme found in our resource and document library.

Guide to school authorization: Primary Years Programme (PYP)
Guide to school authorization: Middle Years Programme (MYP)
Guide to school authorization: Diploma Programme (DP)
Guide to school authorization: IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC)

In addition to the Guides to school authorization, useful documents for this phase include the Programme standards and practices, Requirements for candidacy, and Rules for candidate schools that can be found in our resource and document library. These documents are the authoritative statements of the standards, practices and requirements to which schools are subject during and after the authorization process.

First step: Consideration phase

Last updated: October 2014