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Available to schools in the Americas region

How to develop multiple International Baccalaureate programmes – from A to Z

The International Baccalaureate has organized a series of introductory orientation seminars and recognized, on-site workshops designed to facilitate the implementation of the IB continuum or multiple IB programmes.

These have been developed in response to the needs of a variety of school districts, educational ministries, charter schools and other education organizations and are invaluable opportunities for on-site professional development.Orientation Seminars.

Orientation Seminars

Orientation Seminars are one-day sessions designed for those who may be investigating the feasibility of bringing an IB programme to their community.

School administrators such as superintendents, governing boards, education ministers and governing officials, as well as faculty and staff will benefit from a thorough overview and examination of the IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme and IB Diploma Programme.

These seminars cover the application and authorization process, IB standards and practices and programme implementation considerations.

In addition, seminars can be valuable to IB workshop providers and associations of IB schools through increased visibility within the regional IB community, as well preparing them to serve as informational resources.

For further information regarding orientation seminars, please contact michael.leshner@ibo.org.

On-Site District Workshops

On-Site IB Americas District Workshops are recognized sessions developed for institutions that are interested in developing IB programs through a particular network.

Category 1, 2, and select Category 3 IB workshops for the IB Primary, Middle Years, and Diploma Programme are offered.

These workshops are currently available only through application and are not available to IB associations. Click here pdf to download an application form.

For further information regarding on-site workshops, please contact iba.outreach@ibo.org.