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What are Associations of IB World Schools?

Associations of IB World Schools Associations of IB World Schools are groupings of IB schools who come together in order to provide mutual support in a variety of ways and who have been recognized by the International Baccalaureate® (IB). These associations are organized in various ways, sizes and constituencies, depending on their local circumstances. Associations provide a forum for school collaboration, hold periodic meetings and share best practices among members.

The IB works closely with Associations of IB World Schools. These associations, many of which are recognized by the IB, play a key role in supporting the network of IB World Schools. Much like IB World Schools, each association is an independent entity that is not run or managed by the IB itself but it may choose to formalize its relationship with the IB, provided it meets certain criteria, by means of an agreement and licence.

Associations can be an indispensable resource for schools discovering the IB for the first time, offer a wealth of IB experience and support, and are often active at district, state or government level raising awareness of all IB programmes within their area of representation. They may also, working in concert with the regional office, assist in the negotiations for university and government recognition for the Diploma Programme. 


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What are the benefits of being an Association of IB World Schools?

Associations of IB World Schools who have been recognized by the IB are listed on the IB’s website and in the IB World Schools yearbook (published by John Catt). There is also an IB logo especially created for use on their websites and in publicity to denote their status. The associations can use IB materials in the same way as IB World Schools provided they are not posted on their website or copied for students.  Associations also attend meetings with and can seek advice from the regional offices.

How do you become a recognized Association of IB World Schools?

Groups of schools who wish to be recognized by the IB as an association must first decide whether they meet certain criteria, which they can discuss with their regional office.


WordAssociation of IB World Schools—criteria for recognition (Word doc, 130 kb)

All Associations

  • (AAIBS) Australasia Association of International Baccalaureate Schools
  • (ACBIE) Agrupación de Centros de BI en España
  • (ACBIRP) Asociación de Colegios del BI del Rio de la Plata
  • (ACHBI) Asociación Chilena Del BI
  • (ASCBIP) Asociación de Colegios IB Perú
  • (ASECCBI) Asociación Ecuatoriana de Colegios de BI
  • (ASOBITICO) Asociación Andina de Colegios de BI
  • (TAISI) The Association of International Schools of India
  1. (FLIBS) Florida League of IB Schools
  2. (GIBS) Guild of IB Schools of the Northeast
  3. (IBGA) IB Schools of Georgia - IBGA
  4. (MAIB) Minnesota Association of IB World Schools
  5. (NIBA) Northwest IB Association
  6. (SÉBIQ) Société des écoles du monde du BI du Québec et de la francophonie
  7. (TIBS) Texas IB Schools
  8. A.A.C.B.I. (Asociación Andina de Colegios de BI)
  9. Alberta Association of IB World Schools
  10. Arizona Association of IB Schools
  11. Arkansas Association of IB World Schools
  12. Asociacion Mexicana de Colegios Autorizados por la Organizacion del Bachillerato Internacional
  13. Association of German International Schools
  14. Association of Great Lakes IB World Schools
  15. Atlantic Canadian Association of IB World Schools
  16. British Columbia Association of IB World Schools
  17. California Association of IB World Schools
  18. Hawai'I Association of IB World Schools
  19. Hoosier IB World Schools Association
  20. IB Schools Association of Commonwealth Independent States
  21. IB Schools and Colleges Association
  22. IB Schools of Alabama
  23. IB Schools of Ontario
  24. IB schools of Michigan
  25. IB Schools of North Carolina
  26. Mid Atlantic Association of IB World Schools
  27. Middle East IB Association (MEIBA)
  28. Midwest IB Schools
  29. Ohio Association of IB Schools
  30. Prairie Association of IB World Schools
  31. Rocky Mountain Association of IB World Schools
  32. South Carolina IB Schools
  33. Tennessee IB Schools Association
  34. The Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Baccalaureate Schools
  35. The IB Association of Japan
  36. The Association of IB Schools of Utah
  37. The Association of Swedish IB Schools (ASIB)
  38. Winsconsin Association of IB World Schools