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MYP: The next chapter



The IB is currently reviewing the design of the Middle Years Programme (MYP).

Since 1994, over 900 schools worldwide have adopted the MYP as a means of providing an education that recognizes the developmental needs of students aged 11 to 16. The programme provides academic rigour and challenge while also meeting the needs of students in different cultures and educational contexts.

The proposed changes to the MYP seek to enhance these underlying strengths, enable more schools to offer the programme within national and state systems and align it more closely with the other IB programmes in order to provide a coherent educational pathway for students. The planned changes are currently in development and are subject to approval by the IB Board of Governors. Aspects of the proposed changes are currently being piloted and final decisions concerning these areas will be taken as the outcomes of these pilots become clear. The major areas under discussion include:

  • A re-design of final assessment, from an internal to external assessment.
  • Further flexibility in MYP4-5 to accommodate schools with external requirements
  • Further development of  concepts and contexts in teaching and learning, to ensure rigour and relevancy of learning
  • Further support and guidance in developing curriculum through practical examples of unit plans which teachers can use in the classroom and through which they can become acquainted with the new design.


The MYP has always been characterized by a focus on the development of conceptual understanding through relevant contexts; this will continue to underpin the curriculum planning process. More explicit guidance will clarify and simplify the process so that schools are better supported.

How will schools be guided in the transition?

The transition for schools to the revised MYP will be a gradual one. Since the revision will build upon the current strengths of the programme, many requirements will remain identical. In regard to the curriculum planning process for schools; new elements, once approved, will start to be introduced into professional development in 2012 in order to allow schools to transition smoothly to the new process.

Where proposed changes could significantly affect current requirements, the IB will regard these requirements as pending for schools in the interim period. When the new requirements become clear in 2014, schools will again be given a transition period to meet them.


  • For schools wishing to apply to become candidate schools, a smooth transition will be provided by starting with the current guidelines and attending professional development in 2012 and 2013.
  • For MYP candidate schools and MYP IB World Schools, more detailed information concerning requirements in the transition period will be provided during January 2012.