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New visual identity for the IB

On 20 April 2007, the International Baccalaureate officially launched its new visual identity. Our aim is to achieve a clear, consistent visual identity that resonates with stakeholders by reflecting the organization’s mission and core values.

It is a powerful identity that reinforces the fact that, wherever we work in the world, we are working towards one mission and under one name: International Baccalaureate.

New IB logo

Why change?

As the IB grows, it has become increasingly important that people can identify who we are, what we do and where we work. This not only includes the people already involved with the IB, but also potential parents, the media, university admissions staff and others.

In 2006, we conducted research that told us that our old identity, with its numerous logos and names, was tending to confuse, rather than inform, our audiences. The fact that schools and the central organization were using different logos was diluting rather than reinforcing our public identity and the strength of our reputation. Our emphasis on the "Organization" of “IBO” was ignoring the wider “IB” community.

Our new identity is inclusive—the "IB" is about IB World Schools, IB programmes, IB students and all of those people committed to our mission. There is one core logo and a strong visual theme to bring greater unity to our publications.


Much more than a logo

Our new identity is about much more than a logo. Our work has focused on defining key messages about the IB and new communications materials to better explain what we do and to reinforce the values that bind the IB community together. There is a particular emphasis on the IB learner profile and our aspirational goal of providing "high quality education to create a better world".

The new identity will help potential parents, teachers, administrators and others to more quickly recognize that a school is part of the IB worldwide community and committed to quality education, pedagogical leadership and international-mindedness. The new identity is supported by high-quality communications materials to help explain IB programmes to boards, parents and students.

The short video below helps to bring the materials alive:


Find out more

The new material, logos and videos are available to download from this website.  However, every IB World School will receive a complimentary package of support materials with further information by early June. This will include a new IB brochure and short flyers for the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma programmes.



Boy holding a globe

Can I download the logo and video?

A range of resource material for use by IB World Schools can be downloaded from this site.  The material includes the IB learner profile video and a new IB World School logo.


What is the meaning behind the new identity?

The new logo represents the planet we live on. The letters "i" and "b" work in partnership to create the design—interdependent and synergistic. The design also has the characteristic of a "seal", denoting the quality inherent in our programmes.


How was the new design chosen?

In a process lasting a little over a year:

  • a steering group, with representation from IB staff and the Council of Foundation, met each month to review and advise on the project.
  • quantitative research was conducted through an online values-based questionnaire and external market research.
  • qualitative research was conducted through semi-structured interviews, a focus group and a branding workshop.
  • there was an audit of the current visual identity and ten other organizations targeting similar stakeholder groups.
  • public consultation was undertaken to select a final design.
  • the Council of Foundation approved the research findings and the final choice of design.