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The Diploma Programme core as stand-alone courses

The IB are pleased to announce that the core elements of the Diploma Programme – theory of knowledge (TOK), extended essay (EE), and creativity, action, service (CAS) – will be available to IB World Schools as individually recognized stand-alone courses for the first time in 2012 (applied to the first examination session in 2014).

At present, it is only those students who take the entire Diploma Programme who have the opportunity to benefit from and experience the unique elements of the core. Therefore, the decision to allow Diploma Programme course students (formerly known as certificate students) to experience these subjects supports the IB’s continued dedication to its access agenda and is fully supported by the academic committees of the IB.

IB World Schools and the wider community have been notified of this exciting development through a variety of means including electronic newsletters, IB World magazine and promotional materials at conferences so far this year. It is hoped that coordinators and teachers will begin to start talking to their students now in preparation for 2012 study options.