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A new series of position papers has recently been commissioned by the IB. Written by IB practitioners and educators within the IB learning community, IB position papers will address topics related to the IB’s philosophy or educational practices within the realms of current educational trends.

IB position papers currently available on the IB position papers blog are East is East and West is West by George Walker, Concurrency of learning in the IB Diploma Programme and Middle Years Programme by Roger Marshman, and Holistic education: An interpretation for teachers in the IB programmes by John Hare.

Readers are encouraged to use the blog to feedback and provide comments on the existing position papers. Suggestions for potential future topics are also welcomed. While the IB largely endorses the broad views of the writers, each paper will be based on writers’ own perspectives and experiences on particular topics, and will be expressed in each authors own way. Please visit to find out more.