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Message from the Chief Operating Officer, Schools Division

Schools satisfaction survey results



Siva Kumari  Chief Operating Officer

Dear member of the IB community:

A survey by Market Probe in behalf  of the International Baccalaureate will be live until May 2, coordinators and heads please check for this survey in your inbox, please send us an email to if you didn’t receive one .


We want to thank those of you who took the time to complete our annual survey in 2011. Over 2,500 Heads and Coordinators completed the survey and we are pleased to report that we received very high average scores. Below is a snap shot of the high level results:

  • 9.3 (of 10) on “Likelihood to continue as an IB World School”
  • 9.0 (of 10) on “Likelihood to recommend the IB to another school”
  • 8.8 (of 10) as the overall loyalty rating
  • 7.9 (of 10) on “Satisfaction with the services that the IB provides your school”
  • 7.7 (of 10) on “Value for money”


We recognize that we will always have room for improvement and have created specific divisional plans for improvement based directly upon the results.  We would like to take the opportunity of sharing these action plans with you.

School services (Online Curriculum Centre (OCC) communication; process and value of information during authorization and evaluation; and support to schools):

  • Rebuilding the OCC: We are pleased to report that the rebuild of the OCC is complete and we plan to launch the new website in June 2012.
  • New, global online authorization and evaluation process will be going live in 2012 in all three languages.
  • IB Answers: launched in March 2011, is now at full capacity handling over 140,000 enquiries per year, improving service and answering your questions.

IT (user-friendliness of IBIS):

  • Release of the first iteration of Phoenix, a faster version of IBIS and the redesign of many screens that you told us were troublesome.
  • 30% increase in speed as of May 2011 and the expectation of a further 50% increase by May 2012.
  • Progress toward single sign-on and improvement in identity management so you have fewer logins for IT


Programme development (curriculum materials; programme aims, principles and values; PYP assessment and intercultural understanding):

  • A detailed survey in 2012 of school needs relating to curriculum materials.
  • Redesign of the OCC and the addition of a powerful document repository to serve document needs of both IB staff and of IB World Schools.
  • Publication in 2012 of Authentic Assessment in the PYP.
  • Introduction in 2012 of PYP professional development related to the evaluation of a school’s Programme of Inquiry; this professional development will be based upon the findings of the pilot conducted over the last few years.
  • The World Studies extended essay was introduced in September 2011. This extended essay option encourages Diploma students to use their IB education to address world problems or situations in a scholarly fashion.
  • The course, world religions standard level, moved a pilot version to a mainstream version in 2011, giving Diploma students the opportunity to study the religions of the world thereby increasing students’ intercultural understanding.
  • The global politics higher level and standard level course, having the same aims in the political sphere as the previous course does in the religious sphere, will be piloted in 2012.


Assessment (Diploma assessment; MYP assessment):

  • The IB is initiating innovative improvements in assessment:
    • E-marking
    • coursework upload to the IB


This plan features the extensive use of e-marking and improved monitoring of examiner performance.  E-marking makes possible the provision of more helpful data to you and many assessment best practices which will maintain and improve assessment accuracy and the timeliness of our responses.  An analysis of Enquiries upon Results conducted in the May 2011 session showed that grades in those assessments that had been e-marked were less likely to have been changed after enquiry than those that had been conventionally marked.

  • We have introduced a system to allow schools to upload their students’ externally assessed coursework (theory of knowledge and visual arts) electronically, saving schools the significant postal costs incurred with a conventional dispatch of work.  We will expand this over the next few years to include all coursework samples. 
  • In response to requests from schools, we have introduced a new ‘re-moderation’ service, which will come into being in May 2012. This will allow schools to have a second opinion where their coursework marks have been significantly adjusted through moderation.  


Professional development, in-school or regional workshops

  • Careful and methodical attention to choice of workshop venues. Further refinement of schools’ understanding of the recently-introduced categories of workshops.
  • Development of category 3 workshops.
  • Further development of the Teacher Award which works with universities around the world to enhance university offerings to teachers at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Promotion of our ever-growing portfolio of online and hybrid (face-to-face/online) workshops.



  • Complete audit of newsletters and email communications.
  • Streamlining of the very large numbers of newsletters into a smaller number with specialized sections.
  • Creation of a parent information kit.
  • Redesign and simplification of web content.
  • Further use of IB Answers as a communications tool.


We will continue to keep you updated on progress across all of these areas and I would like to thank you again for your feedback.

Best wishes

Siva Kumari

Chief Operating Officer – School Division