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Bringing the brand to life: The IB introduces four sub-brands

13 July 2012



It’s been more than five years since the IB introduced its first corporate identity. The impact of that brand strategy has been extremely effective in delivering an enhanced awareness for the organization. The IB brand has provided clarity of purpose and consistency of strategic positioning with both internal and external audiences during a critical period in which the IB has progressed through a period of significant change and growth.

In 2011, the IB embarked on an extensive research initiative which involved 3,500 members of the IB community including IB World schools, parents, examiners and IB staff to investigate the perception of the IB brand. The survey concluded that the IB brand remains strong, with significant associations of loyalty. High-level observation from this research included a need for better awareness and clarity on the different educational programmes being offered.

With this in mind, the IB has developed a unique IB sub-brand strategy for the organization and the extended community, to promote all of our unique educational offerings more distinctly and deliberately.

These new sub-brands will bring to life the PYP, MYP, IB Diploma Programme and IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC) in their own right. The IBBC will now be recognized as an IB programme. Each sub-brand draws on the core IB colours and attributes of the already recognized IB brand, including the curves (the intersecting hemispheres) of the IB logo.
These sub-brands will be used extensively in literature and promotional materials

Rolling out the sub-brand

Throughout the duration of this year, we will begin a transition period allowing us to roll-out the new IB sub-brands. This will gradually phase out existing collateral and materials over time, and begin to apply the new sub-brands. These new sub-brand designs will not replace the IB corporate brand, which remains unchanged as the most high profile symbol associated with the IB’s mission and values. They simply allow us to promote each individual offering more distinctly to various audiences.