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Students not currently attending an IB World School may, in the future, have the opportunity to take Diploma Programme courses online



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Extending access to an IB education is a cornerstone of the IB’s strategic plan. It was the desire to find alternative ways of enabling students to experience an IB education that stimulated thinking about online learning which, by its very nature, transcends geographical boundaries and in 2009, lead to the development of Diploma Programme courses online. DP courses online allow students from diverse geographic regions to study together in an online environment. This offers the possibility to create truly international and intercultural classrooms in ways that cannot be envisaged in any single school. The DP online courses help to ensure that the IB remains at the forefront of approaches to teaching and learning that are fit for purpose in the 21st century.

The long term aims of online Diploma Programme courses are:

• to extend subject choice for students in IB World Schools
• to enable students who cannot attend an IB World School to benefit from an IB educational experience
• to create international and intercultural classrooms that bring together students and instructors from around the world in a truly global, albeit virtual, environment
• to enable students, increasingly socialized in the digital world, to develop essential skills that will equip them for life after school

In 2009, the IB entered into a collaborative agreement with Pamoja Education, Ltd. to develop and deliver DP courses online for students enrolled in IB World Schools.





In an effort to continue meeting the aims of DP courses online, the IB is pleased to announce the IB Open World Schools pilot project. In September 2012, four IB World Schools selected to participate as Open World Schools will, for the first time, enrol non-IB students who wish to take Diploma Programme courses online. Although the pilot is small, each region is represented and the schools are an even mix of private and state models. Open World Schools will support students and collaborate with Link (non IB) schools in a variety of ways. Enrolled students will obtain support from the site-based coordinator and will sit the exams as do other IB students. This pilot is aimed at understanding how online learning can extend access to an IB education; it is anticipated that it will be some years before this opportunity is open to all students.

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