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Access and Advancement

Access and Advancement

The IB aims to create and provide access opportunities so that more students are able to benefit from a high quality, international educational experience.

By drawing on our 40 years of experience developed in dynamic classrooms, our IB teams bring vibrant and contemporary teaching know-how to improve students’ educational experience by working with IB World Schools and aspiring IB World Schools needing additional support to implement IB programmes effectively.

The IB seeks to proactively engage like-minded donors, schools, universities, non-governmental organizations, and ministries to develop specialized educational programmes that promote concept-based, student-centered, and internationally-minded education.

Increasing access and diversity

Increasing access and diversityThe IB Board of Governors is firmly committed to the access agenda i.e. “enabling more students to experience and benefit from an IB education regardless of personal circumstances.” As a result, the Board made it a strategic priority for the organization to engage with and respond to the needs of wider groups of schools and learners across the globe.

The IB is committed to sustaining quality and building a world class infrastructure to respond to our schools’ needs, but is also conscious of the need to respond to the reality that the organization operates in a less than fair world. A strategy of planned, targeted growth allows us to broaden the composition of the IB community whilst maintaining high standards.